Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tea-Parties and the Splitting of Votes

I like reading about politics. Sad, but true. To me, it's the equivlent of a boxing match where two sides are both fighting unfairly. So it's been interesting for me to see how the Tea-Pot parties (yes, I use plural - see below) are in this race.

The most interesting thing I find is that if the Tea-Parties are not careful they may cause the Republicans to loose more seats in the 2010 elections due to splitting of the conservative vote. If 35% vote democrat, and 23 republican, and 22 tea-parties then the democrat is going to proclaim victory.

I use the term tea-parties as I believe some groups have hijacked the name "Tea-Party" and are using it for their own means, vis-a-vis Fox News(ha!), and the recent supposed National convention they had (and interesting they'll have another for-profit one in Las Vegas later this year).

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