Thursday, November 05, 2009

CNN Owes me $0.01 x 100

I check the news on a number of websites somewhat frequently. I visit a number of sites to try go get an overall view of what's really going on - including CNN.

Now, I decide to watch one of the videos on CNN for which they never bother posting the actual story text (even though it appears it is syndicated as other news sites are carrying identical copies of the same article - go figure). I click and am greeted with a video player page.

An ad pops up at the beginning - Oh Boy! - 15 seconds of babble. I wait.

I then am able to watch a portion of the video before it stalls completely. Then it recovers, plays, and then stalls again. I never had any stalls during playing of the commercial.

This routinely happens on CNN ... so far I'm guessing about a 100 times. I figure CNN probably makes a penny for a video ad (I'm guessing - don't know the actual value) so...

CNN - you owe me a $1.00 as reimbursement for your ill-gotten gains.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Sticks and Stones

This article is a prime example of what I think is wrong with the Republican party (and most, not all) of their backers : They insult as an attack.

Read the comments in the referenced article and you'll also see that the majority of the Republican leaning commenters (save one) also tend to use insults to make their points.

Can't we all just get along?

in reference to: Limbaugh: Obama 'a child' who doesn't care about troops (view on Google Sidewiki)

The Gun-fight has already started

I would not have recommended to the Republicans to begin casting out their own quite yet - it should have been saved to at least the presidential election but it appears to have already started.

The Republican party appears to be splintering and if they do gain control of the congress (I doubt - but it'd be interesting) - I don't think at this point in time that the leadership would have enough standing to speak as a whole for all of them. It'd be interesting - a majority who can't agree with themselves.

Ah, what fun political times we live in.

in reference to: Republican Scozzafava Endorses Democrat After Exiting N.Y. Congressional Race - (view on Google Sidewiki)