Sunday, October 25, 2009

Socialized Health Care - Why I Never ...

Healthcare and Socialism? You shouldn't use the Socialism word ... don't you know it's bad?

I've got news for a lot of people - The Nation's defense is socialised (note : I'm using a lowercase s on purpose as I'm referring to the actual definition - not the supposed it's evil because it's not democracy innuendo).

-ism's are not bad.

Communism, another -ism isn't bad in theory - it's just that absolute power corrupts and hence most communist societies do tend to have wide-spread corruption.

Socialism implemented for a broad swath of a society also has the same issues.

Capitalism, another ism is based upon the aspect of every man working for himself - hence working on the strengths of man's primary self-interest. Yet this too can be taken too far.

The proper mix is a mix of all the ism's. (Communism is more of a dictate of social and economic hierarchy rather than a socail more'). Let people look after their own self interest, as they're inclined to do anyway, per capatalism for the most part -- however certain social aspects should be handled under socialism (defense, health of citizens, education*).

* - By education I mean a broad based education and not one that is based in influencing decision making or critical thinking skills (not like those are taught in today's schools anymore anyway).

Let me know when it's my turn to run the country...

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